Bill Brett marks 55th anniversary of working as a photographer


DORCHESTER — Today, June 3, 2019, marks the 55th anniversary of Bill Brett’s photographs appearing in the pages of The Boston Globe.

And, he had a spread on Page B6 of his photographs from the South End Settlements’ gala. You can view them on this website or, in the Globe by clicking here.

The team at is using Janet Lee Harrold’s beautiful painting of the old Globe building on Morrissey Boulevard because that site was where Bill went to work for his whole career, which included stints as the Globe’s chief photographer and director of photography. For more on Janet’s work or to buy her work, click here.

Bill started as a hard news photographer, taking photos of fires and crime scenes while he was still in school. He later became known for his coverage of the social scene through his popular Party Lines feature. For the last decade he has published his photographs online and on social media platforms. Since the relaunch of his website nearly three years ago, Bill has published more than 400 galleries of photographs.

An award-winning photographer, Bill has published five books about Boston and its people, with “Boston: Irish,” his fifth book, coming out in time to mark his 50th anniversary as a professional photographer. His sixth book, “Boston: Game Changers,” is due out in the coming months.

Congratulations, Bill!

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