Author John Gallagher releases a gripping account of a long-ago murder

HINGHAM — Author John G. Gallagher, a retired Boston Police superintendent, has just released his fourth book, “Passion, Poison, and Pretense: The Murder of Hingham’s Postmaster,” a true-crime story of a murder that led to a woman spending the rest of her life behind bars.

” ‘Poison, and Pretense: The Murder of Hingham’s Postmaster’ is the type of local history story I have been craving for some time -a concise, engaging, true story of one of the earliest and most well documented murder cases in Massachusetts, right here in our backyard. Filled with wonderful detail, John’s book touches not only on this fascinating piece of Hingham history but also how it fits into the broader history of the development of the judicial system in the fledgling United States. I couldn’t put it down!” wrote Michael Achille, collections manager, Hingham Historical Society.

Gallagher’s four books each cover an actual crime from more than a century ago that took place on the South Shore. For more information and to buy a copy of Gallagher’s book, click here.

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