World War II veteran Anthony Grasso photographed for Bill’s book

NORWOOD — Anthony Grasso was a private in the US Army in Europe when in 1944 a howitzer shell hit the area along the German-Belgium border where he was with 1st Lt. Frank DuBose. The lieutenant saved Grasso’s life. In 2021, Mr. Grasso, now 97 years old, was able to pay back Lt. DuBose’s efforts by visiting DuBose’s grave in South Carolina, an effort made possible through a GoFundMe campaign that raised nearly $7,000.

We’ll have more on Mr. Grasso’s remarkable life soon. This portrait is part of a project that Bill has launched to make portraits of soldiers, veterans, troops and those who support them. Bill, who has published six books, is working on the project now. If you want to make a suggestion for the project, send an email with the details to The person you suggest needs to be alive, so that Bill can take their portrait.

Portrait by Bill Brett

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