Black tie bingo fund fuel assistance

DUXBURY — B-I-N-G-O was the name of the game as Black Tie Bingo returned to the Duxbury Senior Center after taking a brake because of Covid restrictions. More than150 people decked out in their finest party clothes for the 10th annual Black Tie Bingo event at the Duxbury Senior Center, a fundraising effort by the Council on Aging Board and the Friends of the COA to raise money for Duxbury’s Interfaith Council’s Fuel Assistance Program and Outreach efforts.

Academy Award Winning Chris Cooper and author/actress Marianne Leone were among the guests at
this sold-out event. The couple served as bingo callers later in the evening. Other Bingo callers included Superintendent of schools Dr. Danielle Klingaman, Joanne Moore Director of the Duxbury Senior Center, and board member Patty Ryan. The event emcee was Duxbury’s own Jim Fagan.

All of the money raised will provide fuel assistance to needy families.  Last year over 400 families benefited from this creative and fun fundraising event.

Traditionally, this event takes place on a bitter cold night in January, but this year, after not holding the
event last year, the COA Board decided on June to enjoy the Senior Center’s beautiful patio for oysters,
appetizers, and cocktails before coming inside to play 10 games of bingo. Local business and families
supported the event by sponsoring games, donating auction items, and providing prizes for bingo

This event began back in 2010 when the COA Board wanted to do something to support the community
as a thank you for all the ways the community had supported the Duxbury Senior Center.

All photos by Bill Brett

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