A packed house to support the Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry

DORCHESTER — Throngs of supporters packed the hall of St. Teresa of Calcutta church in Dorchester to support the Mary Ann Brett Food Pantry. The event also marks the annual induction to the Dorchester Hall of Fame. The 2024 inductees are: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, represented by Michael Thomas and Elder Scott N. Taylor, Area Seventy for New England; the Honorable Frank Baker; and NBC 10 anchor Latoyia Edwards, who grew up not far from the parish.

Looking at the event’s success, host and food pantry co-founder Jim Brett said: “I am proud to say that over the last several years, we’ve raised over a million dollars for the food pantry.” The annual breakfast is held on the Saturday before the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

All photos by Bill Brett

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