McPhee Reports: Suffolk Co. deputy sheriff beaten and injured near jail along “Methadone Mile”

UPDATED/ BOSTON — A Suffolk County deputy sheriff has been released from the hospital after suffering injuries following a reported attack this morning near the Suffolk County jail, investigative journalist Michele McPhee reports. Boston Police have made one arrest and have video showing at least five assailants in the attack, according to McPhee.

There has been an increase in the number of people sleeping on the streets, even putting up tents overnight, along Atkinson and Topeka streets, near the methadone clinics that give the area its nickname.

From McPhee’s Twitter feed: As @bostonpolice made an arrest in connection with this morning’s brutal attack on a @SheriffSuffolk a man naked from the waist down approached a supervisor on the scene. What a mess. #methadonemile

More arrests were made on Aug. 1, the day of the attack, by police trying to clean out the street of makeshift shelters. You can watch more on WHDH here.

Bill Brett’s photos was taken last month after he spotted tents going up on Atkinson Street. City of Boston crews have been seen in the mornings cleaning up the streets of the debris, drug paraphernalia, and food left overnight.

WHDH has video of the alleged attack on the deputy sheriff. You can view it here.

Photos by Bill Brett taken in June/July 2019

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