From Bill’s Archives: Celebrating Ted Williams


FENWAY — This week’s airing of the documentary “Ted Williams: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Live” on PBS stations has prompted a number of people to ask Bill about his various photos of the great Red Sox slugger.

Bill likes this one, which he took on May 14, 1991, when Williams was back at Fenway to mark the 50th anniversary of the season in which he batted .406, the highest batting average in the majors.

Williams, who was famous (infamous?) for rarely tipping his cap to the fans, was announced and grabbed the cap of Red Sox Mike Greenwell, also a left fielder who, like Williams, played his entire career for the Sox. After Williams tipped the hat (and Bill Brett took this photo), Williams walked back into the dugout and returned the cap to Greenwell.

“I had a feeling that something was going to happen,” Bill says. “I could see Ted looking around and Mike Greenwell just gave him his hat. It happened in a moment.”

(Editor’s Note: We’ve asked Bill to keep poking around those files for other such gems.)

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