Trustees hold Boston event to support One Waterfront Initiative

SOUTH BOSTON — The Trustees held their first Boston gala at the Blue Hills Pavilion that marked the launch of the One Waterfront Initiative.

As The Trustees’ Boston presence has expanded in the last decade, the organization was aware of the opportunities for positive change along the City’s waterfront as well as the critical issues that threaten its world-class reputation, including a lack of quality open space, equitable access to the harbor, signature beauty or waterfront identity, solutions to address vulnerabilities to major weather events, or a cohesive city-sponsored waterfront vision or plan.

To answer that The Trustees have established the One Waterfront Initiative, which has its goal to contribute to the City’s quality of life by creating and managing a significant park or parks that serve as a premier destination and increase our stature as a city on the coast, support diverse community need and accessibility, advance Boston’s climate resiliency goals and create open space that is financially sustainable. Like projects such as the High Line in New York City and Millennium Park in Chicago, we aim to attract and serve the whole city at these sites-residents and visitors from across Boston and beyond-and to captivate the world with these stunning and unique spaces along the water. For more go to

All photos by Bill Brett

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