Retired State Police Captain Joe Saccardo celebrates first book

WHITMAN — Local Weymouth author and retired Massachusetts State Police Captain Joe Saccardo had his first book signing for “Capable” at the Patio Restaurant in Whitman on Sunday. A full house was in attendance for the event. Many friends and family enjoyed the fun while enjoying their favorite beverage and snack.

Saccardo spent three decades in law enforcement during a time where mobsters ran without fear in Boston’s streets. “Capable,” which be officially released in the coming weeks, tells the unwritten stories of those decades, including the bloody reign of James “Whitey” Bulger alongside Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi, the serial killer John Martorano and the state trooper who was framed by the Boston office of the FBI. 

You also can listen to Saccardo discuss his book and true crime on his three-year old podcast also known as Capable and carried on Spotify and many other podcast platforms. Here is one link:

All photos by Bill Brett

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