Paulie’s Push gets a push from family and friends

DORCHESTER — More than 300 guests turned out for a send-off event at Florian Hall in Dorchester for “Paulie’s Push to Honor and Remember,” a fundraiser in which Paul Veneto, a retired United Airlines flight attendant, will push an airline beverage cart more than 200 miles.

Veneto will push the beverage cart from Logan Airport in Boston to Ground Zero in New York, for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. He decided to do this to pay tribute to his fallen crew members, raise awareness of their courage and bravery and recognize them as heroes. You an follow his efforts on the Power Forward website by clicking here. Veneto is slated to leave Logan on Saturday, Aug. 21, to arrive in New York as the memorial events start at Ground Zero.

Kelli Wilson, director of Power Forward, addressed the crowd and introduced Paulie who discussed his passion for remembering his friends and fellow co-workers on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and his struggle to overcome addiction. In their memory and to raise money for the 9/11 families and Power Forward, a nonprofit founded by two-time Stanley Cup-winning hockey player Kevins Stevens to fight addiction and support those facing addiction and their familes.

Jim Fagan served as the night’s emcee and kept the night alive with his quick wit and Boston humor. Two bands, The Remininisants, which includes Paulie’s brothers Peter and Joe, and Selfish Steam played at the event.

All photos by Bill Brett.

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