On Wednesday as the region shoveled out, some pitched in more than others

BRAINTREE — The first thing that Braintree resident Crystal Evans said to Bill Brett as he walked up to take her photograph was: “Don’t make this look like Braintree didn’t do a good job. The town’s DPW and Mayor Joe Sullivan have too much to deal with. They cleared the street. I’m cleaning up the bus stop,” Crystal tells Bill. “If everyone would pitch in and do what they can, the snow would be cleared.”

Evans, who despite being in a wheelchair, says that after every storm she comes to this bus stop on Washington Street in Braintree near St. Francis of Assisi Church to make sure that the stop is cleared free of snow so that people can get to the buses. Evans is a member of the Braintree Commission on Disabilities.

“I got to tell you, it made me think about how some people complain about the snow and what communities do,” Bill Brett says. “Crystal made sure I knew that she thinks everyone has a responsibility to clean up after such a big storm. She does what she can and so should others, that’s what she told me. It was inspiring.”

All photos are by Bill Brett. Editor’s Note: We ask that if anyone sees these photos being used to say that an official agency was not doing their job, they alert us. It is not true.

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