Brown’s “Call to Rise,” a book worth your time

BOSTON — At the Book Expo in New York earlier this year, I got a chance to (briefly) meet former Dallas Police chief David O. Brown, whose “Called to Rise,” is now out from Ballantine Books.

The New York Times published a piece today by Elizabeth Hinton about Brown’s book (which he wrote with Michelle Burford) and two other books that look at confronting and reforming racist policing.

For me, Brown’s story is an important one because of the life he has led and how he handled the deaths of five of his officers who were shot by a sniper while they were protecting protestors in July 2016. Brown writes a very honest book about what he believes and how he came to believe it. “Called to Rise” is a powerful story of transformation and an honest telling of what it is like to be in the highest ranks of an American police department. This is not light or easy summer fare, but it is worth reading Hinton’s piece for context and picking up Brown’s book. — Carol Beggy

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