George Montilio and his team bake 10,000 pies for Thanksgiving

BROCKTON — George Montilio and his team at Montilio’s Bakery in Brockton have been busy baking some 10,000 pies for Thanksgiving, including about 1,000 that will be given to area charities that feed the homeless and hungry and for charities that distribute pies for Thanksgiving. Since 1947, the Montilio family and their bakery have supported numerous charities during the holiday season through donations of pies and other items or providing the items at a steep discount.

George told Bill Brett that the bakery crews will use more than 5,000 pounds of apples, blueberries, and squash. They use — literally — tons of sugar, flour and other fillings. All of the pies are made by hand.

What is George’s favorite pie? Pumpkin.

(Item by Jim Fagan and all photos by Bill Brett.)

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