Bill Brett photographed Green Briar Pub in Brighton’s last session

[Originally posted on May 7, 2019]

BRIGHTON — As they have for more than 35 years, scores of musicians were at the Green Briar Pub in Brighton on Monday night for a couple of traditional Irish music sessions. That is, except for one thing: it was last night the Irish restaurant was open.

The pub was known for its taps that featured Guinness and newer craft for one last session. Green Briar ran two sessions every Monday:

* At 7 p.m., Boston’s Original Slow Session was held at which the group played all the old favorite session tunes but at a more relaxed pace than the usual session. All were always welcome.

* And, at 9 p.m., Boston’s longest running session (more than 35 years) took over. The session was led for many years by the late CCE President Larry Reynolds, who was featured in a couple of Bill Brett’s books, and Larry’s son Mike. As it had for years, the music on Monday night soared into the wee hours.

All photos are by Bill Brett.

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